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Who are AE?

Updated: Mar 27

Written by Imogen Fowler

We like to think of ourselves as a sociable bunch - where every person (and duck!) is part of the gang.

With each new member of the team, our social calendar grows, as well as our staff playlist; no matter how questionable the music taste is, we’re birds of a feather here. When your HQ is in Leicester - the home of all things culture - you embody those values. Every addition to the flock brings with them new skills and ideas which enrich our services to clients - as well as our office environment.

We have a real passion for our work and we take pride in sharing this with others and making meaningful relationships along the way - so please don’t expect robots when you work with AE!

Team AE

If you’re thinking of joining AE to indulge in your standard team building day, dozing off in a conference centre which is only made bearable by the thought of a free pint afterwards - then you are sorely mistaken. Think: go-karting, tank driving, escape rooms, VR experiences - basically anything to get your adrenaline pumping.

Christmas is no different - stuff the turkey, because we’re talking gin and pizza making, clay pigeon shooting, chocolate making and wine tasting - to name but a few activities we’ve done in the past. We think outside the box in everything that we do… apart from pizza deliveries, it’s important that does stay in the box!!

We take our food seriously at AE. Not Gordon Ramsay calling you an idiot sandwich kind of serious, but serious enough to value a monthly staff lunch, trying out various cuisines from Leicestershire businesses.

However, please be warned that our competitive nature combined with a love for cake has resulted in a Great British Bake Off Sweepstake, proving that anything can be a competition - mostly because of the weekly cake involved.

Waddle down to meet us anytime - especially on a Tuesday for the cake or join our team!


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