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AE reaching new heights in the industry

Written by Team AE

Here at AE, we are embarking on a brand new chapter of our exciting evolution. Since 2020, our journey has been marked by exponential growth and ambition. Our staff headcount has doubled and we have seen a 69% increase in annual turnover.

AE Event Production

Over the past year,  we have experienced huge achievements. For instance we curated an average of one event per week reaching over 110,000 attendees. Additionally, we've expertly managed a staggering 34 client social media accounts and platforms, solidifying our position as leaders in event management and digital engagement. Now with the post-pandemic return of live events, on top of new marketing contracts, our business has had an even bigger boost. 

But importantly, prestigious new clients such as Fortune 500 companies, Dell and DXC Technology, well-known and household names, The Ministry of Defence,  Sodexo Live and Country Range Group (CRG) have truly put AE onto the world stage. 

While our partnerships with these bigger companies are a huge testament, we remain deeply committed to our boutique SME clients too. For example, we've played a pivotal role in supporting emerging legal tech brands to establish their identity and market presence. Witnessing their transformation into award-winning industry leaders is a testament to our collaborative client approach and dedication in helping to scale smaller businesses.  

Adapting to the evolving demands of our diverse clients globally, we expanded our core service portfolio which was amplified by a surge in marketing-centric contracts. This shift in strategic direction was also catalysed by the pandemic and our transformation reflected a notable industry trend: in 2018, companies typically engaged eight agencies per project, whereas by 2023, only two agencies were selected for project delivery.

In the past 18 months we have curated show-stopping events in iconic venues including Westminster Abbey and Manchester United, Abbey Road and the Tower of London through to international showcases in Egypt and Cannes! Our successes have since gained recognition from industry bodies such as Conference Agency Awards and the C&IT Awards, where we made the shortlist for two of these awards for an exclusive event entitled “Driving Impact on Sustainability, Together”, delivered with Dell Technologies. 

With our evolution and our incredible momentum we recognised the need to mark our journey of growth, through a complete refresh and revival of our look and feel. Therefore, we took the strategic decision to rebrand from Associate Events to simply ‘AE’  because this better showcases our breadth of expertise. As an all service agency, we specialise in providing versatile creative content, design, production, event management, audience acquisition, public relations, digital and social media management. At AE we create unforgettable experiences and tell stories that resonate, and our fresh new brand identity reflects that. 

AE Rebrand

As we gear up for the events season we are planning to deliver some seriously tailor-made experiences. And as we are all about staying ahead of the game, expect even more from us.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our evolution. Your trust and support mean the world to us. We are always here to deliver, help you make an impact and work with you in the best way. Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We'd also love to know what you think about our new look.



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