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Our Duck Story

Ae up my duck! Did you know that one of the most popular questions we are asked is what are all these ducks about? Well, there's a delightful story behind it, hatched from a personal experience of our Director. Enjoy our quacking story!

Back in February 2017, our Directors Alister and his wife Emma found themselves looking for a new office.

They had one specific office requirement…. based in the city centre with natural lighting.

After looking at over 30 places in Leicester, they came across Friars Mill, nestled alongside the picturesque River Soar (which joins the Grand Union Canal).

Alister and Emma were accompanied by their young daughter Cassie who brought her favourite giant rubber duck along with her to the visit. Upon leaving the office, Cassie mistakenly left her duck behind.

On first impressions Alister really liked the office, especially the quirky historic features and most importantly, it had natural lighting.

Before officially accepting the offer to rent the office, Alister wanted to measure up and double check the space. He returned to the office and flew open the door to lock eyes with the giant smiling rubber duck who had been placed on the facing windowsill.

Alister quoted: “The natural daylight was like a spotlight on the duck and it just looked incredibly happy. I took this as a sign, because work is where we spend a significant portion of our lives, so it should be infused with happiness and fun.”

The office contract was accepted and in the early days, alongside a touch of artificial grass, Alister introduced three more ducks to decorate the office, assigning each one to its own windowsill.

Giant ducks then became an important friend to accompany us when we went to see new clients.

Over time, the flock expanded, welcoming lawyer ducks, king ducks, queen ducks, parachuting ducks and even ducks behind the wheel of hand sized cars.

Nowadays they are not just decorative; these ducks have become an integral part of our brand identity at AE. Alister emphasises:

“Work is corporate and we are professional, however, we make sure to have fun along the way! Ultimately our mission is to support our clients to get their ducks in a row.”

So, the next time you spot a rubber duck at AE, remember that behind each one lies a tale of creativity, happiness, and a happy client or staff member!

Thank you to our clients who buy us ducks as presents and cards.



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