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Our logo has evolved, just as we have

By Georgia Frangoude

AE New Logo

At AE, we are immersed in branding, design, and creativity, enabling businesses to distinguish themselves and create connections with their customers. 

Recently, we embarked on our own rebranding journey to reflect the evolution of our business.

It all began with a change in our brand name to AE (formerly known as Associate Events). The shift signifies our expanded services going beyond events and encompassing communications, digital campaigns, design, and PR for diverse B2B and B2C clients. Leading to us proudly unveiling our new logo. A symbol of our transformation while staying true to our history, values, and aspirations. 

Here's the story of our new logo:

AE New Logo

Choosing the typeface 

Selecting the typeface was meticulous, aiming for a clean and contemporary look. The chosen typeface boasts sleek lines and modern appeal. Of particular significance is the subtle yet impactful 'wing' within the negative space of the letter 'a'. This feature, highlighted in radiant golden yellow, represents elegance and our company's ambitious spirit.

The dot.

In our minimalist design, the dot holds dual significance. It signifies a full stop, marking the culmination of our journey from concept to delivery. It signifies completeness, reflecting our promise of delivering end-to-end solutions to our clients.

From Associate Events to AE

The transition from Associate Events to AE isn't just about brevity; it holds sentimental value. It pays homage to our founders, Alister and Emma de Ternant, whose initials are intertwined with our identity, establishing a deeper connection to our roots.

The duck 

A stroke of creative genius gave rise to the logo's most distinctive element - the duck. Crafted from the negative space of 'ae' and the dot, this whimsical figure symbolises our journey. It traces back to the inception of Associate Events, paying tribute to the original rubber duck left behind by Alister and Emma's daughter. Like the duck, we've navigated challenges with resilience, evolving while staying grounded in our origins.

AE Logo Concept

Bringing the concept to life 

In the intricate design of our logo, we've infused it with soul. It's more than just a symbol; it's a narrative - a tale of evolution, resilience, and familial ties.

As our new logo graces our branding materials, it represents not only our journey but also the values we uphold and the dreams we pursue. Crafted with passion and purpose, it serves as a guiding light into a future brimming with possibilities.



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