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Stepping into the spotlight: Kim's unexpected Radio Appearance

Updated: Mar 22

Written by Kim Salt

As a professional in PR and communications, unexpected calls from journalists are far from uncommon.

So, when BBC Radio Leicester contacted me directly on my day off, inviting me to participate in a live interview panel discussion for their upcoming feature, Leicestershire Ladies, I was both surprised and excited. Despite the unexpectedness of the media invitation for my involvement - I accepted.

Kim in BBC Radio Leicester Studio

I was asked to choose two topics to discuss – motherhood and being good enough. These themes align perfectly with my personal and professional values, making them ideal subjects for the hour-long broadcast.

I found myself in the rare role of being the interviewee rather than the interview organiser. But could lean into my decades of PR experience enabling me to approach the interview with confidence.

Being on live radio alongside two remarkable women was an empowering experience. While I typically organise interviews for clients, being in the spotlight myself this time allowed me to convey my own voice and perspectives as well as experience an interview from the other side.

During the interview, we covered topics ranging from Leicester’s creative community (which is one of the biggest outside of London and Manchester) to leveraging imposter syndrome and tactics to support mental health.

Reflecting on my interview experience, the takeaways for me were:

Firstly, embracing new opportunities is crucial. By staying true to my passions and values, I could make a meaningful impact, both professionally and personally.

Secondly, it reaffirmed that we all possess the power to shape bigger conversations and inspire others – authenticity is key. Just being ourselves is more than good enough.

BBC Radio Leicester Studio

So having had hands-on experience of live media speaking, it's essential to:

•Know your material inside and out – honesty is a non-negotiable.

•Communicate genuine thoughts and insights with informed and concise clarity.

•Take a deep breath, speak slowly and clearly.

•Maintain professionalism whilst being warm, smiling, and making eye contact - as it should feel like a conversation.

•Keep bullet points handy for reference and stay hydrated.

•Above all, embrace the moment.

Sharing your story and insights through a media interview is a privilege and if effective can communicate key messages which resonate to a broad and diverse audience.



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