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International Women's Day

Updated: Mar 26

Written by Kim Salt

AE Female Staff Supporting International Women's Day
AE Female Staff Supporting International Women's Day

On 8 March, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated globally. It's a day that belongs to all, everywhere, honouring women's accomplishments, spotlighting the challenges they face, and promoting action towards achieving gender equality. This year’s theme, "Inspiring Inclusion," resonates deeply within the events industry, which, while numerically female-dominated, still struggles with the ‘glass ceiling’ hindering women's ascent to senior leadership roles.

At AE, our Project Manager Mae Grocock finds inspiration in the presence of female leaders within our agency, not only as role models but also as embodiments of ambitious career paths. Mae reflects on a recent experience where she attended a national awards ceremony and the majority of senior attendees were male. For her, she notes the importance of having visible female leaders who pave the way for others. "It's crucial for me to see the potential for growth into senior leadership roles," she says.

One inspiring leader at AE is Sally Stevens, Communications Director, a crucial member of the Senior Management Team. With over two decades of experience working with renowned brands like Santander, Sony UK, and eBay, Sally has a wealth of expertise in communication strategies, PR, digital marketing, and more. Her leadership not only guides the agency but also amplifies the female voice at the highest levels.

Sally highlights the strength of the AE team, which comprises 75% women. Sally said: “I am so proud to be a part of the leadership team and have been at AE for nearly seven years  helping to steer the successful events and marketing business. 

Female expertise and talent is embedded throughout the business. As well as female expertise and dedication we also have great allyship from male colleagues such as our Managing Director Alister, who judges on skill set and experience rather than gender. 
“I am not afraid to give my opinions at a senior level and also challenge decisions where needed - I think that’s why the agency thrives because we all have genuine and experienced voices that can and do influence our business and gender is not a determining factor. 
“I am personally inspired all day every day by the knowledge, power and creativity across our team and our client base. We all need each other in order to progress and succeed.”

Managing Director, Alister highlights the significance of Sally's leadership and knows the agency must represent the clients and audience they serve with the utmost excellence. Alister said:

“Genuine opportunities matter and it is important that AE incorporates the very best people. I believe in everyone in my team, their expertise is needed to guide the business in being the best it can be and continue to grow. 
“Everyone has a unique contribution to make at AE and I am in awe of the remarkable achievements made by women across the team as well as what our clients achieve too. 
“There’s more to do in this world though towards ensuring even more gender equality and that requires a collective effort. 
“As a father of two daughters I share stories of the impact and influence women have in my work life so they hear about the possibilities and that they know that they deserve to be in any space they want to be and can have a real influence.”

AE is an environment where women thrive, lead, and inspire. AE remains committed to championing women's voices and skills which in turn contribute to a more equitable and inclusive world.



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