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Why your company should use an event agency

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have had to produce events. Whether that is a product launch, corporate event or a company Christmas party, there are many reasons why organisations hold and organise events. However, the role of producing these events usually falls into the hands of those whose main job title has little to do with events management – the Marketing department! Whilst marketing and events work well in sync, they are not exclusively a match made in heaven as more goes in to event production than most marketers can manage alongside their current workload! That’s why we advise calling in the professionals.

There are many benefits to using an event management company, in order to produce cost-effective, successful and on-brand events managed by a team of experts.

Here are our top key reasons to use a professional event management company:

1. Relieve your team’s stress

Avoid disrupting your staff’s daily workload and pass event planning on to the specialists. By adding the task of organising an event to your employees growing to-do list, it will only distract them from the job you hired them for. Event planning demands your full attention and constant, consistent management which is better handled by someone who can dedicate their time to delivering an exceptional event.

Reduce your team’s workload and leave the planning to the professionals, who are not just qualified for the role and know what they are doing, but can deal with the stress, so you don’t have to!

2. Save money on supply chain

A common misconception of hiring an agency to organise your event, is that it is somehow more expensive. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as organisations will actually save money on producing events by benefiting from using event agencies diverse network and long contact list of suppliers. Utilising event agencies supply chains will allow them to get the best rates for your event, whilst staying within budget and managing all vendor fees. Sometimes ideas can change throughout planning due to costs mounting fairly quickly, however an event agency is able to stick to budget and have proper control over the funds going in to producing events.

It’s important to note, that businesses aren’t able to access these discounted rates alone, so it’s worth considering taking advantage of agencies connections to wider suppliers to create outstanding events at a much, much lower cost. Take the numbers out of your hands and trust in an agency’s expertise to create memorable events, at a fraction of the price.

3. Specialist and Expert Insight

Because they’ve been doing this for so long, our fabulous event and project managers know what works, what doesn’t and what they might be able to pull off. They have all of the creative ideas on hand and we work with you throughout the whole planning and process, in order to ensure it complements and fits your business, brand and budget.

At Associate Events, our are ahead of the game and stay on top of all the latest trends in the event industry, helping you make decisions to spend on this and not that! Oftentimes, ideas may sound good in theory but when executed can plummet spectacularly. That’s why we recommend you leave it to the experts to figure out what and how they can make your event dreams come to life using their experience and expert insight.

4. Professional delivery of service

The delivery of events produced by agencies, compared to those created by in-house teams is vastly different. Associate Events provide full concept to delivery services, offering a complete and professional cross-section of creative event, production, public relations and brand management solutions. With the ability to deliver this to the highest standard, Associate Events is built on our integrity and outstanding quality of service at market-leading value.

Having an event agency that you can trust to deliver, such as Associate Events, will take the weight off your shoulders so that you can relax knowing your events will be produced with care, innovation and class-leading quality.

5. Risk management

Even the most spectacular venues can fall victim to surprise uncertainties – remember when Jennifer Lopez’s concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC suffered a black-out last month? To her luck, she had an event planner on hand who had the correct safety measures and risk precautions in place to safely evacuate all crew, paying customers and talent out of the venue. Without an event manager, who knows what the headlines could have been!

This is an important difference between having an allocated event manager and in-house team organising an event, as the event expert will ensure all risk from fire hazards to health and safety is managed and plans are in place for any mishaps with contingency plans to follow. Our project managers ensure they cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s so if anything falls out of place on the day of the event, they are prepared to bring it back together.

6. Transparent working

It is vital you have a mutual understanding with the event agency you select, and you are consistently kept up-to-date with the latest developments of your event.

At Associate Events we are proud to work with our clients, not just for them. Our mission is to build solid, trusting and long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients to deliver class-leading quality, value-for-money and deliver events with a creative flair in an honest, open and transparent way. We want to take the stress off your hands, whilst keeping you informed and updated with the progress of your events throughout cultivation.

Our project managers have created events with some of the biggest brands in the country, and they can’t wait to get creative with you! If your business needs to launch its latest product, or you’re ready to start planning your next corporate event then check out our work online now and drop us an email to or give us a call on 0116 464 5995 for an informal chat.

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