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Why your brand needs a refresh

Many businesses underestimate the importance of a brand refresh. Your company doesn’t look the same as it did ten, five, or even only one year ago and neither should your branding.

In order to stay relevant and improve your customer’s perception of you as a company/brand who are constantly innovating, it is crucial to have branding that reflects this. As your company grows and your service and product offerings change, your branding needs to continue to accurately represent who you are and what you bring to the table.

1 - Consistently improving yet staying recognisable

It is inevitable that if your brand has been around for a significant amount of time, your branding is likely to lose touch with current trends and begin to appear dated in the customer’s eyes. By refreshing the aesthetics of your brand, it signifies to your audience that you’re aware of the shifts and trends within your industry, moving with the times rather than being stuck at the back of the pack.

Although it is important to adapt to the customer’s ever-changing needs, it is crucial you continue to have the constant of your core values at the center of your branding. By keeping your brand’s ethos represented within your branding, it reinforces your relationship with your current customers, showing them you are simply adapting and innovating as a brand rather than scaring them away as the brand begins to look different.

2 - Make the most of SEO

One of the main reasons many businesses are reluctant to give their brand a much needed revival is due to fears that it will kill their hard-earned SEO rankings. We can’t deny that it’s a tricky task, but when done carefully and properly, a brand refresh is likely to do the opposite and have a much more positive impact on your SEO.

By consistently enhancing the content on your site your brand will continue to remain relevant to what is going on in the sector around you, so long as you optimize this content with on-trend keywords. This will drive up organic search traffic to your website as viewers of your page will be increasingly engaged, therefore staying on your page for longer, demonstrating your content is current and meaningful and in turn improving your SEO ranking.

3 - Reaching and engaging with your target market

Once your brand has been around for a significant amount of time, it is to be expected that your audience will no longer look the same and have different needs and qualities they demand from you. When undergoing a rebrand it is likely that your product offering is changing and you have something new to bring to the market. This means that naturally your brand refresh will connect you to an entirely new audience who would potentially be interested in what you have to offer and would benefit from working with you.

Moreover as your audience develops, when aiming to reach them through targeted campaigns your branding needs to reflect the values that they deem to be the most important in order for you to see high engagement and click through rates.

In summary, rebranding and going through a brand refresh can seem scary and overwhelming at first, yet it is an unavoidable, key process to your business development and improvement.

Here at Associate Events we can provide you with all the services you need and give you professional advice and guidance throughout your branding journey, whether you are looking for a simple brand refresh or a total rebranding. Get in touch with us today at 0116 464 5995 or email to see what we can do for you.

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