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Post-pandemic events staffing solution projected to save a third on labour costs

Associate Events develops pioneering, industry disruptor to help events industry bounce back.

The past 14 months for the events industry, and in fact the world, has been one of the toughest economic periods that we have seen in memorable history.

The pandemic has not been like a deep cutting recession that ultimately has a mathematical calculous out of the ‘downward turn’, it has been a game changer in the way that the world now needs to think, live and operate.

The events industry almost ground to a halt. Friends, stakeholders, suppliers, venues and colleagues have faced losing their jobs, businesses, livelihoods, and in some cases their homes.

Recognising the drastic effect of this industry downturn, a Leicester-based all-service agency, Associate Events (AE) has developed a unique solution that could help the industry to get back on its feet.

This forward-thinking concept is a basic, yet ingenious staffing solution that is projected to save venues a third on their labour costs.

Simply put, AE is offering a white label staffing service called ‘Associate Venues’ to venues across London and eventually the UK. Working on a retainer basis, AE employs permanent events staff from its vast pool of events professionals that range from operations managers to sales teams, on behalf of the venue.

The scheme is totally flexible and scalable to suit the individual needs of each venue. AE employees can supplement existing in-house teams or fill gaps in the workforce, providing the right level of support required, as the venue builds its business back up again.

Associate Venues is believed to be the only scheme of its kind in the UK. It is the ideal solution to help the events industry to reboot, and venues to remain competitive and provide an exceptional service whilst simultaneously reducing overhead costs.

Alister de Ternant, managing director at Associate Events said, “We have invested heavily in this concept, aiming to proactively help and support the industry, those who work in it, and see venues remain competitive as we hopefully continue to move out of the era of COVID.

“The concept maximises economies of scale, capitalising on the talent now in the market and providing a scalable long-term staffing solution that will help the industry get back on its feet and stay there.

“We are setting a new standard of operating, with no idea ‘off the table’ for any venue. In discussions with over 20 ‘tier 1’ venues and groups, the take up and interest clearly shows that this is needed, whilst bringing employment opportunities to professionals who have stuck by their industry.

“This is a true industry disruptor that challenges venues to think differently about the ‘traditional’ way in which they had been working. We’re all moving into a new era, so let’s do it together.”

Over the past year, the nature of Associate Events' own business has shifted. Typically, the Agency’s offering encompasses a concept-to-delivery events management service, production, brand management and PR for clients across the full spectrum of sectors, operating in both the private and public hemispheres, delivering some 350 events per annum.

During the pandemic, the business has not only adapted, but it has survived and is growing.

Eighty-nine percent of AE’s revenue now comes from ‘Brand’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘PR’ engagements with 11 percent remaining as digital event production and ongoing engagements - growth in these areas has been exponential since – a sign of the times!

Developing Associate Venues is another way that Associate Events has diversified – and it is proving to be a brilliant contributor to the overall success and growth of the company.

For more information about Associate Venues, contact Glenn Mainwaring on +44(0)207 0783288 or email For more on Associate Events, visit

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