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Leicester business leaders plead with government to give more support

When the local lockdown was placed on Leicester earlier this month, businesses feared they will be left behind as the rest of the country approached their re-opening phase.

Business leaders plead with the government to give them added support, as the inner city and surrounding areas are under tighter restrictions.

BusinessLive spoke with Alister de Ternant, Managing Director of Associate Events, he said: “Since wartime we have never had such economic or social instability.

“We have however in Leicester and Leicestershire collectively come a very long way together and although Leicester is the centre of focus for how this ‘wack-a-mole’ approach may continue to be rolled out nationally – there is no stronger or more resilient economy in the UK to handle it.

“We do however need the Government to quickly consider the continued financial and economic impact of the lockdown on Leicester and the local and surrounding economy – we will have been in this position for one-sixth more time than any other region in the country.

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