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How Associate Events PR works to get your voice heard

Here at Associate Events we have a wide range of experience working with different clients to meet their varying needs when it comes to PR. No matter who you are, getting your voice out there and heard in the correct way is crucial, and through years of experience we have put together some key points to consider and how AE can help get you there.

Get the right people to hear your voice

A single PR campaign could see your business ventures showcased on TV, radio, online and in local news. But what’s the point if no one is really listening? Identifying the correct media vehicles and outlets to target with your press release is the key to a successful and impactful PR campaign - and for this you need the right contacts.

At AE we have an extensive contacts list, media connections, and PR partnerships to achieve the most successful outcome for your campaign. With our clients, our experienced team firstly takes the time to understand your goals and objectives for your campaign so we can get the right people listening. From this, we then move forward with reaching out to those in our vast contacts list who would be interested in what the client has to offer, regardless of if it is a new product launch, partnership, or significant achievement.

Targeted Campaigns

Whether it’s through utilising paid, owned, or earned channels, targeted PR campaigns differ from traditional marketing campaigns as they provide your business with the platform to build on brand reputation and perception rather than calls to action (CTAs). This means that the messaging used must be curated with a different segmented audience in mind rather than being consumer-focused.

When working with the client, the AE PR team makes use of all channels available to us to drive the correct target group to your campaign. This has involved creating targeted ads and press releases reaching both relevant local audiences, and a variety of international markets including France and Denmark.

Video and Photography production

When creating an engaging PR campaign, the key is actionable creative content. Actionable content is PR pieces which not only explain the purpose of your release, but also encourage engagement and lays the groundwork for how the viewer/reader can take action going forward.

Video and photography production to create exciting unique content which goes out as part of client campaigns is something we at Associate Events have a great creative flair for. Making use of our wide range of production infrastructure, including Staging, IT and Tech, and Lighting - we create innovative visual content to make sure your campaign stands out. We have previously used contemporary techniques such as drone fly-throughs, ensuring an effective PR campaign which can capture a new audience.

If you feel that PR is something you need help with and don’t know where to start, get in touch with us today at 0116 464 5995 or email to see what we can do for you.

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