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Events industry small business leader reacts to budget amongst coronavirus crisis

Managing director of Associate Events, Alister de Ternant shares his view of the budget as a small business in the events industry.

"The past years have been full of uncertainty in the UK and beyond and if this budget is anything to go by, there is an air of positive control by this Government and the somewhat new Chancellor.

"The budget deals with the immediate term - which we all know to be highly volatile - whilst focusing on the impact of the Brexit and the coronavirus in the longer term. It will certainly be interesting to watch this unfold whilst not losing sight of the ultimate aims of this Government.

"Putting the Coronavirus aside for a minute, the Chancellor's consideration over small businesses, innovation and "investment in ideas" will ring true to many and it is certainly where the focus should be when 'playing' on a global scale.

"The provisions applied around infrastructure, climate change and environment are commendable and immediate (for the most part) and nothing shows better consideration for the balance to be struck (in my opinion) than the abolishment of the Red Diesel levy - but not for Agriculture or Fishing.

"I think the country needs a little bit of reassurance, a reset to an equilibrium of economic and regional stability and a social uplift and I feel the Chancellor has achieved just that.

"Let us all hope the politicians can deliver upon what's been promised, immediately and through the longer term."

Associate Events is an events, brand management, PR and production agency that was established in 2010 with clients and contracts all over the world, working and partnering with developing companies all the way through to representing global brands.

The company was due to be in MIPIM (Cannes, France) this week delivering for a number of clients at the global property and construction trade show. But the central event has been postponed until June by the organisers [Reed MIDEM] amid concerns about the coronavirus, COVID-19.

Alister added, "The situation is very fluid at the moment and we're cracking on and focusing on supporting our clients, our supply chain and our partners on delivery; whilst in parallel, providing robust contingency plans that naturally will need to evolve as this unprecedented situation develops over the coming weeks."

"We are fortunate to be robust as a business, but it would be remiss not to note that we, and the events industry, will undeniably be affected by the global coronavirus crisis, with mass gatherings and events being cancelled right, left and centre. The knock-on impact on our industry will last for years."

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